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Chapter 26 – Education and culture

Chapter 26 – Education and culture

Chapter 26 – Education and culture was opened and provisionally closed on 15 April 2013.

This Chapter covers the areas of education, training, youth, sports, culture, access to education, and EU programmes and instruments.

The areas of education and culture are within the competences of the Member States. Through available mechanisms, the EU contributes to the development of education and mobility.

The EU is taking concrete measures to ensure education becomes part of the employment strategy and to ensure the EU’s role as the world knowledge hub. The EU promotes the protection of cultural riches and European values, supports artists and culture workers to live and work in other European countries, stimulates free flow of culture and art products across the Union, and cherishes inter-cultural dialogue.

The EU aims to ensure equal conditions for obtaining knowledge, whilst at the same time taking into account national, regional, cultural, and linguistic diversity, as well as the sovereignty of the Member States’ education policies. Nonetheless, the EU stresses and promotes the need for cooperation.

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