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Programme of Accession of Montenegro to the EU 2018 – 2020

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Amongst its numerous commitments during the first year of its four-year term, the Ministry of European Affairs in September got down to coordinating the development of the new Programme of Accession of Montenegro to the EU (PAMNE) the adoption of which is planned for January 2018.

The Accession Programme constitutes a plan for the creation and establishment of the legal framework (laws and bylaws), strategic plans (strategies and action plans), but it also expresses the needs for administrative capacities and plans and needs for the strengthening of the personnel or for the reorganization of the existing staff within the system involved in the activities important for the European integration of our country during the next three-year period. Adequate implementation of the legal framework and of the strategic plans is impossible without the strengthening of administrative capacities, and/or the staff which is capable and ready to respond to all the demands and challenges entailed by the accession process and the subsequent membership.