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NGOs and the EU

NGOs and the EU (1)

Communicating EU in Montenegro

The introduction to the Strategy for Informing the Public about Montenegro's EU Accession 2014-2018 reads: "Bearing in mind that it is the entire society ultimately joining the EU, in the five years covered by the Communication Strategy we should aim to establish communication mechanisms and develop communication activities that will contribute to a better citizen understanding and greater interest in the process, as well as boost their support for the accession process."

Informing and educating the citizens of Montenegro from all social structures is one of the pillars of the European Integration programme ran by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE). Hundreds of decision-makers and active participants in the EU integration policy-shaping process attended CCE's education programmes over the past 12 years. Lately, the focus has been shifted to citizens who are not directly involved in the processes of policy formulation and decision-making, but are affected by those policies and decisions.

With this in mind, the CCE ran the project entitled EU Info-Bus on the Road to the EU (December 2012 - October 2013, supported by the EU Delegation in Montenegro Communication Budget and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation), during which they took symbolic bus rides to six municipalities in Montenegro – Cetinje, Danilovgrad, Kolašin, Mojkovac, Nikšić i Podgorica – and held over 45 activities, published nine bilingual issues of the European Pulse – the only magazine in Montenegro specialising in European integration, two publications entitled What We Negotiate and What the EU Negotiations Bring Us and Montenegro and the EU: Media Role and Importance in the European Integration Process, six thematic leaflets, and a great number of other promotion material. All this was done with the view to improving knowledge, level of understanding, and support to the EU integration process among the citizens of Montenegro through a broad education and information campaign.

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