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Montenegro to open two more negotiating chapters relating to transport policy and energy on Monday

At the Intergovernmental Conference to be held in Brussels on 21 December, Montenegro will open two more chapters in the accession process with the EU. Negotiations will be opened in chapters 14 and 15, relating to “Transport Policy” and “Energy,” respectively.

Chapter 14 – Transport policy covers regulations and standards for safer, more competitive and more economical transport regulated through the field of road transport and road infrastructure, rail transport, air transport, maritime, inland waterways, combined transport and satellite navigation.

Chapter 15 - Energy consists of rules and policies covering competition and state aid, internal energy market, promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, crisis management and obligations in relation to the security of oil supplies, nuclear energy and nuclear safety and radiation protection.

The opening of the negotiating chapters was preceded by the dedicated work of all institutions in complying with European regulations and practices in these areas. According to the projections of the European Commission, Montenegro has achieved a good level of compliance and administrative capacity necessary for the opening of the negotiations in these areas.

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