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Focus on the Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change at the 13th meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee of the Civil Sector of the European Union and Montenegro

13th meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee of the Civil Sector of the European Union and Montenegro held today in Podgorica, and was co-chaired by Lidija Pavić-Rogošić on the European Union and Pavle D. Radovanović on the Montenegrin side.

Meeting was opened by the Head of Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro Aivo Orav and the Deputy Chief Negotiator Marko Mrdak, who emphasized the importance of the Committee's existence with regard to respecting all aspects of the negotiation process and improving the cooperation of civil society organizations and the Government of Montenegro.


Best TV stories selected

Journalists of Public Broadcasting Service RTCG and Prva Television, Borislav Visnjic, Tatjana Debeljavic and Jelena Gardovic, are the winners of this year's competition for the best television story about the Montenegro's accession to the European Union.

The competition was published by the General Secretariat of the Government, recognizing the importance of the Montenegrin media in this process, and in order to encourage the media to report on the impact of the process on the life of Montenegrin citizens, the inplementation of European standards, the adoption of European values ​​and EU support through available funds and project implementation.


Everyone should join cleaning actions, awareness is a key of environmental protection

Awareness of the importance of protecting environment and preserving it through personal example is the greatest contribution each individual can give to environmental protection, it was stated today during the action of cleaning Skaline, which involved more than 150 people.

The representatives of the Government, Union of municipalities of Montenegro, the Capital City, the Armed Forces, Police Administration, diplomatic corps and the civil sector took part in the action of cleaning Skaline on the occasion of celebrating the World Environment Day.


Young people to take advantage of Erasmus opportunities

More than 750 students and teachers from Montenegro, through Erasmus + programs have been so far at foreign universities, which is a great success for our country, announced on the panel "Be a Part of Success Stories - Use EU Programs".

The General Secretariat of the Government, within the EU4ME project financed by the European Union, implemented by UNDP, in cooperation with the national Erasmus + Office, organized a panel where interested students had the opportunity to hear useful information from Erasmus users and representatives of relevant institutions.


Erasmus is the essence of the European vision

Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG published a story on development and benefits of the Erasmus Programme. Founder of Erasmus Programme Hywel Ceri Jones emphasized that investment in learning programs and youth is of utmost importance for the future of Europe. According to representatives of the National Erasmus Office, Erasmus is the most important support in the reform of higher education.


Friendly match Montenegro – EU: 3:2

Montenegro's team beat the European Union's team tonight in footsal match with the result 3: 2. 

Scorers from the Montenegrin team were: Nebojsa Jovovic - two goals in the 2nd and 23th minute and Milos Radonjic in the 38th minute, while the EU scorers were Juraj Leško in the 9th. minute and Enis Chindrak in the 13th minute.


Both men and women can be businessmen

From the total number of unemployed in Montenegro, which amounts up to 38,000, almost half are women. While they are waiting for employment, a story of the TVCG journalist Tanja Debeljevic maybe will motivate some of them to start their own business.

A story of journalist Debeljevic was one of three awarded at this year's best television story competition on the process of Montenegro's accession to the European Union.


To use EU funds and the Agrobudget for the development of the agriculture sector

Montenegro, through the Agrobudget and European Union funds, has the financial resources that will enable the country to further develop the agricultural sector, as well as to distinguish itself from the quality of products on the global market, was announced during the public debate on Chapter 11 - Agriculture and Rural Development.


UNDP continues to support Montenegro in all fields important for development

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the European Integration Office for will continue to cooperate in the EU accession process and achieving the goals of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, especially in the areas of greatest common interest, such as the rule of law, the environment and social politics, was assessed at the meeting of the Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljević and the Permanent Representative of UNDP, Daniela Gasparikova.


Students to benefit most from EU membership

Students will benefit most from Montenegro’s EU membership, since they will directly experience European standards and regulations, said Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljevic.

Students of the Faculty of Economy visited on Friday the EU Integration Office and spoke with the members of the negotiation structure about Montenegro’s EU accession, with the attention to the challenges this process brings in the field of Montenegrin financial system and economy.