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Read the fourth issue of Eurokaz

The General Secretariat of the Government has published the fourth issue of Eurokaz - magazine of European Integration Office.

Trough numerous sections, Eurokaz presents the current status of the negotiation process, the results of the reforms that Montenegro is implementing in the accession process, successful examples of the use of EU funds, as well as evaluations of partners from the civil sector.


Simović: State to be well prepared for EU labour market

European labor market faces the lack of doctors, dentists, engineers, architects and artisans. It will be difficult to assess whether Montenegrin workers will go to EU countries once we become an EU member, Chief Negotiator for Chapter 2 - Freedom of movement for workers Ljiljana Simović told TVCG.

According to Simović, experience of the other countries showed that about one percent of the workforce leaves the country following the EU membership.


Laković: Progress made in Chapters 23 and 24, but there is much work still to be done in fight against human trafficking

“Montenegro has made progress in crucial negotiation chapters 23 and 24 in the past year. The results are visible in the fight against organised crime, investigations, prosecutions and final judgments in corruption”, the head of the negotiating team for those chapters Marijana Laković assessed.


Murals competition: "Me for Europe, Europe for me"

The Secretariat General of the Government - Public Information Sector on the European Union and the EU Accession Process announces a call for proposals for the development of the author's preliminary design and the implementation of the selected mural proposal on the theme: "Me for Europe, Europe for me".

At three locations in Montenegro - Podgorica, Bijelo Polje and Bar, murals will be made by reputation and in response to a mural dedicated to the Western Balkans and EU ties "“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly", presented in April in Brussels.


Chief Negotiator Drljević: Adoption of Election Laws by mid-November

European Union expects from Montenegro adoption of Election laws. The Democrats and the URA representatives have not so far participated in The Committee on Comprehensive Reform of the Election and Other Legislation even they initiated its formation, despite calls from top relevant international and domestic addresses. Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljević expects that work will be completed by mid-November.

"I sincerely believe that we in Montenegro also have the awareness, will and capacity to prepare the laws that are expected of us, not only because that is expected of us, but to carry out an electoral process in Montenegro that will be gratifying all actors", Drljević stressed.


Chief Negotiator Drljević: EU accession is driving force behind development of Western Balkans

Accession to the European Union is one of the strongest drivers of economic development, which is why all Western Balkan countries have an interest in pursuing this path, with a greater presence of the EU and a responsible attitude towards the region, and mutual trust and understanding, said Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljević at a conference in Stockholm.


Boosting synergies between the EU Accession and 2030 Agenda

The continuation of boosting synergies between the two major development processes in Montenegro - accession to the European Union and implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was the central topic of the two-day meeting organized by the Office of the Chief Negotiator of the Government of Montenegro and the United Nations System in the country.

"By linking the EU negotiations process with the implementation of the Agenda for Sustainable Development by 2030, Montenegro has focused not only on national priorities but also on the sustainable development needs recognized by the citizens all over the world" - said Marko Mrdak, Deputy Chief Negotiator.