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Berlin process to bring Western Balkan closer to EU

Berlin process to bring Western Balkan closer to EU

Prime Minister Milo Đukanović hosted earlier today Joachim Pfeifferber, a member of the German Bundestag, and a group of entrepreneurs, who are visiting Montenegro.

Montenegro and Germany have developed very good relations, thus further deepening the intense political and economic ties they established, the meeting emphasised.

Prime Minister Đukanović stressed Germany's commitment to the Western Balkan's integration, as confirmed by the so-called Berlin Process initiated by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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"Serious improvements and progress that brought the Western Balkan closer to the EU had been made ever since," the Prime Minister noted.

He particularly emphasised the importance of infrastructural development and linking the region with the European Union, as a key prerequisite for economic development and full integration of the Western Balkan.

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German Bundestag's Joachim Pfeiffer reiterated the German support for European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Montenegro, adding that the integration is the most reliable framework for achieving security and prosperity of the region. He also voiced interest in boosting cooperation between the two countries in order to enhance Montenegro's economic development, taking into account the country's c significant potential in the fields of energy, sustainable development and tourism.

The two officials also discussed possibilities for exchanging experience and implementing projects in the field of education, particularly in the area of ​​strengthening entrepreneurship through practical skills acquisition.

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