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Ambassador Pejović pays visit to Civil Aviation Agency

Ambassador Pejović pays visit to Civil Aviation Agency

State Secretary for European Integration and Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Andrija Pejović met with Civil Aviation Agency Director Dragan Đurović.

They exchanged opinions on the progress made and future activities towards reaching full alignment with EU regulations in the area of air traffic.

Agency Director Đurović informed ambassador Pejović with the Agency’s work, underlining its importance for ensuring the safety of air traffic in Montenegro.

Ambassador Pejović welcomed the overall progress that has been made within the negotiation Chapter 14, especially in the area of air traffic.

Since its establishment in 2009, the Civil Aviation Agency has thus far assumed numerous activities that have contributed to the attainment of the highest EU standards in air traffic, the Chief Negotiator has noted.

The two officials exchanged opinions on the interim implementation of the multilateral agreement on the common European aviation area (the ECAA agreement) signed in 2006, noting that it contributes to a better alignment and implementation of European standards in this area.

The meeting underlined that Montenegro has successfully implemented the One Safety Control project which has enabled the Agency to ask the EU to recognise its safety measures in order to establish a single flight control within the EU member states. In that context, Montenegro has asked the European Commission’s DG for mobility and transport to include Montenegro officially in this regime.

Montenegro’s overall results in the area of air traffic have been commended, and it was noted in that sense that it was likely that negotiations in Chapter 14 on transport policy will be opened by year’s end.

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