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EU's Frederica Mogerini: High appreciation for Montenegro's progress in adjusting to EU values

Đukanović i Mogerini Đukanović i Mogerini

During his visit to Brussels where he participated in the meeting of the Western Balkan Six with EU commissioners, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović met earlier today with EU High Representative for Security and Foreign Policy Frederica Mogerini.

Ms Mogerini expressed high appreciation for Montenegro's role in the region and the progress achieved in adjusting to European system of values. At the same time, she praised Montenegro’s compliance in pursuing its foreign and security policy with that of the EU.

Today's meeting with EU High Representative Mogerini is a successful continuation of talks Prime Minister Đukanović had with EU top officials last week in Brussels.

“Today’s talks gave us encouragement and pledged support for our further efforts towards Montenegro’s full integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures,” Prime Minister Milo Đukanović stressed following his meeting with EU High Representative Frederica Mogerini.

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