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Deputy Prime Minister Igor Lukšić hosts Albanian Minister for European Integration Klaida Gjosha

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Igor Lukšić hosted Albanian Minister for European Integration Klaida Gjosha.

“Montenegro and Albania are neighbourly and friendly states, and it is natural for them to support each other in integration processes,” DPM Luksic and Minister Gjosha concluded.

The Albanian Minister thanked DPM Luksic for the support in the transfer of experience in the negotiation process, adding that the Montenegrin experience is very important for Albania's further integration path. She said that a common regional context and good bilateral relations point to continued cooperation and communication between the two countries, but also between all the countries of the region.

DPM Lukšić thanked Minister Gjosha for her country’s support for Montenegro’s path towards NATO membership. He noted that traditionally good and friendly relations should be further enhanced in all areas of mutual interest and voiced Montenegro’s willingness to provide full support to Albania on its further integration path.

Foreign Minister Lukšić informed his Albanian counterpart about the Montenegrin experiences in the negotiation process, highlighting the advantages of the new approach in negotiations in relation to the chapters 23 and 24. He said that the negotiation process has accelerated reforms and contributed to strengthening the institutions, rule of law, and economic development of the society. He also referred to the importance of the civil society’s active involvement in the accession process with regard to the importance of EU integration for the society as a whole.

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