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Montenegro's Cabinet session

Montenegro's Cabinet session

The Government of Montenegro, at today’s session, approved the Draft Amendments to the Law on Veterinary Medicine, whose adoption is necessary to comply with the provisions of the new Law on Administrative Procedure.

Within the implementation of the Programme of Accession to the European Union, the Government adopted the Decree on Microbiological Criteria for Food Safety, which should enable the consistent implementation of the new Law on Food Safety, and further harmonisation with the EU acquis. The new decree provideds for a comprehensive food safety system, with clearly defined duties and responsibilities of operators, thus guaranteeing a high level of protection of human lives and health, as well protection of consumers' interests in the production, processing and distribution of food.

The Cabinet also adopted the Strategy for Social Inclusion of Roma and Egyptian Communities in Montenegro 2016-2020. The strategy is based on the principles of equality and equal opportunities, non-discrimination, desegregation, and the principle of affirmative action or positive discrimination as an additional mechanism for the provision of factual equality of minorities with the majority. The key objective of the strategy is to achieve full social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians and improve their socio-economic situation in Montenegro. In order to achieve these objectives, the main areas of action are defined, namely: housing, education, health care, employment, legal status, social status and family care, as well as culture, language and identity.

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As to boosting protection and improvement of health, the Government adopted the Action Plan for implementation of the Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases 2016-2017.

The Government adopted the Report on the implementation of the Action Plan for implementation of the Integrated Border Management Strategy in 2015. It was noted that the coordinated action of the competent authorities and institutions has significantly enhanced system of zintegrated border management, as part of the overall security system of Montenegro. The discussion emphasised that the system of integrated border management must be established in accordance with EU standards and equipped to effectively assume responsibility for the management of the external borders of the EU and to function under the Schengen requirements.

At the end of the session, Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Igor Lukšić, on the occasion of his previously announced withdrawal from office in line with the Government's decision to nominate him for the post of the UN Secretary-General, thanked the Cabinet members for the cooperation over the past twelve years, stating that because of the duties he has to perform he will not be able to attend the next two sessions.

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Prime Minister Milo Đukanović thanked DPM Lukšić, saying that it was a pleasure working with him and wished him, on behalf of all Cabinet members, a successful candidacy. He stressed that DPM Lukšić's candidacy is is not affirmative only for the candidate with good references, but also for Montenegro as a whole.

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