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EU Assistance to Environmental Protection in Montenegro

EU Assistance to Environmental Protection in Montenegro

Over the period 2007–2014, the European Union provided a total of EUR 35 million to Montenegro for environmental protection through the EU’s Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

These funds were used, for instance, to provide 35 refuse collection vehicles to Montenegrin municipalities, as well as 2 363 waste containers.

In Cetinje, Bijelo Polje, Niksic and Pljevlja, wastewater treatment plants are being upgraded. Until now, more than 40 kilometers of pipelines for sewage disposal were replaced and constructed for wastewater treatment plants, financed by the EU funds.

The EU’s environment and climate policies aim to promote sustainable development, a low-carbon economy and efficient resource management and the protection of environment for future generations. Montenegro has identified the national priority measures in the environment sector, focusing in particular on investments in wastewater treatment, water supply and waste management.

In addition to providing assistance in these priority areas, the European Union supported the adoption and amending of more than 30 laws and bylaws in order to make national legislation compliant with the EU standards.

Trainings were provided to over 150 individuals from the central and local level, with a view to enabling public servants to prepare better infrastructure projects and improve overall capacities to enforce environmental protection legislation in Montenegro.

Educational programmes were carried out also under public awareness projects, in the form of publications or campaigns.


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