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Montenegro is ready to open Chapter 8, all depends on EU member states

Despite numerous announcmets, it is still uncertain whether Montenegro will open negotiating Chapter 8 – Competition policy, by the end of this year. Because of the current circumstances in the EU, and especially after opening of membership talks with North Macedonia and Albania had been delayed, the question is : What will happen with the enlargement process?

Montenegro has made considerable progress in the accession process and is seen as the next EU member. However, there’s still a lot to be done.


Drljević: Region must not be on margins of Europe

"The Western Balkans should not be allowed to be on the sidelines of Europe, so, implementing fundamental reforms and fostering good neighbourly relations are a prerequisite without which the necessary development and improvement of the standard of citizens cannot be achieved”, Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljević highlighted.

Speaking at the opening of Petrovac Discourses on topic: "European elections in the context of the development of the European Union and the Western Balkans", Drljević recalled that the last European elections brought victories for centrist parties. Moreover, Chief Negotiator Drljević reminded that left and right-wing groups had been stronger than ever and that citizens had shown bigger interest on the EU.


Chief Negotiator Drljević guest in "Focus" on RTCG

Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljević was a guest of the "Focus" programme on RTCG. Drljević spoke about the EU's enlargement policy, how the absence of a decision to open negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania would affect Montenegro, about upcoming activities in the integration process, as well as about expectations from the Croatian EU presidency.


Selected three best solutions for murals dedicated to Montenegro and the EU

The painting of murals dedicated to Montenegro's relations with the European Union will soon begin in Podgorica, Bijelo Polje and Bar.

The Secretariat General of the Government - Public Information Sector on the EU and the EU accession process announced the competition for the creation of murals on the theme "Me for Europe, Europe for me". The competition was implemented in accordance with the Public Information Strategy on Montenegro’s Accession to the European Union 2019-2022, within the EU4ME project, funded by the EU, and implemented by UNDP.

The best design solutions, according to the expert jury, were submitted by Mia Pejović (for the mural in Podgorica), Pavle Cvijović (for the mural in Bijelo Polje) and the Kunstler group, consisting of Danijela Darmanović Mahmutović, Angela Mršulja and Marija Raketić (for the mural in Bar) .


Drljević for Nova M: Nomination of Tonino Picula can help our country

Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljevic spoke for Nova M on the election of a new European Parliament rapporteur for Montenegro and the EU's enlargement policy.

Chief Negotiator Drljević stressed that the fact that a new rapporteur in the European Parliament, Tonino Picula comes from neighboring Croatia, could be helpful to our country as well as to the entire Western Balkans, because his previously statements were in favour of the enlargement policy and further integration of Montenegro into the European Union.


10th meeting of Steering Board of EUSAIR held

The 10th meeting of the Steering Board of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR) was held in Belgrade on October 21/22. The meeting was attended by Director General for the European Union at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EUSAIR National Coordinator Jelena Burzan and Deputy Chief Negotiator - National IPA Coordinator and EUSAIR National Coordinator for EU Funds at the Office for European Integration Ivana Glišević Đurović.

The meeting of the EUSAIR Steering Board is one of the first activities under the Serbian EUSAIR Chairmanship. During this meeting, the programme and priorities of the Presidency were presented, as well as the upcoming commitments and activities.


EU to remain committed to internal reforms and enlargement policy

The European Union must be focused on internal reform with a constant commitment to enlargement policy and presence in the Western Balkans, in order to get ready to welcome new members, State Secretary of the French Ministry of the Army Geneviève Darrieussecq and Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljević assessed at a meeting.

Chief Negotiator Drljević stressed the need to maintain the continuity of the country`s progressive progress towards the EU, as we are getting close to one of the final phases which involves temporary closure of the negotiation chapters.


Read the fourth issue of Eurokaz

The General Secretariat of the Government has published the fourth issue of Eurokaz - magazine of European Integration Office.

Trough numerous sections, Eurokaz presents the current status of the negotiation process, the results of the reforms that Montenegro is implementing in the accession process, successful examples of the use of EU funds, as well as evaluations of partners from the civil sector.


Simović: State to be well prepared for EU labour market

European labor market faces the lack of doctors, dentists, engineers, architects and artisans. It will be difficult to assess whether Montenegrin workers will go to EU countries once we become an EU member, Chief Negotiator for Chapter 2 - Freedom of movement for workers Ljiljana Simović told TVCG.

According to Simović, experience of the other countries showed that about one percent of the workforce leaves the country following the EU membership.