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Chief Negotiator Drljević: EU accession is driving force behind development of Western Balkans

Accession to the European Union is one of the strongest drivers of economic development, which is why all Western Balkan countries have an interest in pursuing this path, with a greater presence of the EU and a responsible attitude towards the region, and mutual trust and understanding, said Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljević at a conference in Stockholm.


Boosting synergies between the EU Accession and 2030 Agenda

The continuation of boosting synergies between the two major development processes in Montenegro - accession to the European Union and implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was the central topic of the two-day meeting organized by the Office of the Chief Negotiator of the Government of Montenegro and the United Nations System in the country.

"By linking the EU negotiations process with the implementation of the Agenda for Sustainable Development by 2030, Montenegro has focused not only on national priorities but also on the sustainable development needs recognized by the citizens all over the world" - said Marko Mrdak, Deputy Chief Negotiator.


EU has allocated an additional 3.6 million euro for the preparation of investments in digital infrastructure and railways

The European Union has allocated an additional 3.6 million euro to Montenegro for the preparation of project documentation for projects that will reinforce the infrastructure in the area of ​​rail transport and the digital sector. Additional funds were approved at the twelfth meeting of the Administrative Board of the Western Balkans Investment Framework, held in Berlin, organized by the European Commission and the Federal Ministry of Finance of Germany. The Montenegrin delegation was led by the Deputy Chief Negotiator - National IPA Coordinator Ivana Glisevic Djurovic.


Montenegro to continue the progress in line with the EC guidelines

Montenegro has achieved significant results when it comes to the area of ​​competition and the internal market, and should continue with the progress in line with the guidelines given by the European Commission in this year's report, was assessed at the tenth meeting of the Subcommittee on the Internal Market and Competition between Montenegro and European Commission.

Representatives of Montenegrin institutions presented to EC counterparts the progress achieved since last year's meeting in areas of competition, state aid, consumer and health protection, as well as reforms in the banking, insurance and other financial services sector.


The implementation of harmonized regulations is the most demanding phase of negotiations

Since the beginning of the negotiation process with EU, Montenegro has significantly changed its legislative and institutional framework in the area of ​​transport, environment, energy and regional development and has harmonized it with the European, and the application of the legal framework is the most demanding stage, given the complexity of the chapters in administrative and financial terms, was the conclusion of the 12th meeting of the Subcommittee on Transport, Environment, Energy and Regional Development between Montenegro and the European Commission.

Deputy Chief Negotiator Marko Mrdak said that Montenegro achieved significant results through all the chapters covered by the Subcommitte, as evidenced by the evaluations from this year's EC Report.


Focus on the Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change at the 13th meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee of the Civil Sector of the European Union and Montenegro

13th meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee of the Civil Sector of the European Union and Montenegro held today in Podgorica, and was co-chaired by Lidija Pavić-Rogošić on the European Union and Pavle D. Radovanović on the Montenegrin side.

Meeting was opened by the Head of Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro Aivo Orav and the Deputy Chief Negotiator Marko Mrdak, who emphasized the importance of the Committee's existence with regard to respecting all aspects of the negotiation process and improving the cooperation of civil society organizations and the Government of Montenegro.


Best TV stories selected

Journalists of Public Broadcasting Service RTCG and Prva Television, Borislav Visnjic, Tatjana Debeljavic and Jelena Gardovic, are the winners of this year's competition for the best television story about the Montenegro's accession to the European Union.

The competition was published by the General Secretariat of the Government, recognizing the importance of the Montenegrin media in this process, and in order to encourage the media to report on the impact of the process on the life of Montenegrin citizens, the inplementation of European standards, the adoption of European values ​​and EU support through available funds and project implementation.


Everyone should join cleaning actions, awareness is a key of environmental protection

Awareness of the importance of protecting environment and preserving it through personal example is the greatest contribution each individual can give to environmental protection, it was stated today during the action of cleaning Skaline, which involved more than 150 people.

The representatives of the Government, Union of municipalities of Montenegro, the Capital City, the Armed Forces, Police Administration, diplomatic corps and the civil sector took part in the action of cleaning Skaline on the occasion of celebrating the World Environment Day.