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Chapter 30 – External relations

Chapter 30 – External relations

Chapter 30 – External relations was opened on 30 March 2015.

This Chapter covers all the aspects of the EU’s international activity, including the common trade policy, bilateral agreements with third countries, as well as development and humanitarian aid.

Common trade policy covers trade in goods and services, commercial aspects of intellectual property, FDI, export policy, and trade protection measures. Its aims are: development of world trade, gradual removal of barriers in international trade and foreign investment, as well as the reduction of customs and other trade barriers.

The EU has concluded numerous agreements with third countries, regional, and international organisations. So far, it has signed over 200 free trade agreements. In addition, the customs union has been established with Turkey, Andorra, and San Marino. Trade partnership and cooperation agreements have also been signed with Russia.
Candidate countries need to align their agreements on free trade, economic relations, and investment with the EU acquis.

In the area of humanitarian and development aid, Montenegro is expected to align its legislation with the acquis, international commitments accepted by the Member States, and to strengthen capacities for participation in humanitarian and development aid intended for developing countries and least developed countries.


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