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Chapter 31 – Foreign, security, and defence policy

Chapter 31 – Foreign, security, and defence policy

Chapter 31 – Foreign, security, and defence policy was opened on 24 June 2014.

This area covers issues of the candidate countries’ relations with the EU and its institutions. This Chapter treats the issues of Common Foreign, Security, and Defence Policy, as well as the Common Security and Defence Policy. The emphasis is on Montenegro’s accession and alignment with the Council of the European Union and High Representative for Foreign Policy declarations and decisions.

Negotiations in this Chapter include the overall security and defence system and cooperation with international organisations. It contains several sub-areas: cooperation with international organisations (especially the CoE and the UN), arms control, the European Security and Defence Policy, political dialogue with the EU, cooperation with NATO, fight against terrorism.

This Chapter covers the candidate country’s participation in missions and military and defence institutions and organisations important to the EU, primarily NATO and peacekeeping missions.

At the same time, the country must have a well-developed arms control system based on a normative framework in line with the EU acquis.

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