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Negotiating Group

The Negotiating Group is in charge of the expert-and technical level cooperation with the institutions of the EU and Member States in all chapters of the acquis.

The Negotiating Group considers and adopts the proposals of negotiating positions and is accountable for its work to the Head of the State Delegation and the Government. The Negotiating Group performs its duties in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of the Head of the State Delegation. The Negotiating Group submits the reports on the state of play in negotiations after each intergovernmental conference to the Head of the State Delegation and to the Government, as well as special reports if requested by the Head of the State Delegation and the Government. So far, 13 meetings of the Negotiating Group have been held.

The Negotiating Group is composed of the Chief Negotiator, ten members of the Negotiating Group in charge of individual chapters, Head of the Mission of Montenegro to the EU and the Head of the Secretariat of the Negotiating Group. The Group has thus far held 13 meetings and has discussed 23 negotiating positions, 2 reports on fulfilled commitments in chapters, as well as 10 reports on negotiation chapters.

Appointment of negotiators went in parallel with the establishment of working groups for negotiations, from February 2012 until April 2013. During this period, eleven negotiators were appointed for 33 chapters of acquis, who comprise the Negotiating Group.

Each of eleven negotiators is in charge of at least two chapters. Even though they vary in size and complexity, each of the chapters bears significant weight and value in overall transformation of the society. If the acquis as a whole is viewed as a mosaic, than each of the 33 parts represent an invaluably important segment for creation of the whole picture.

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