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Office for Support to the Chief Negotiator

Office of the Chief Negotiator performs tasks related to: supporting the implementation of the tasks and daily activities of the Chief Negotiator, organising and following the meetings of the Chief Negotiator with national and foreign representatives in the country and abroad, preparation of the Chief Negotiator's meetings and visits as well as his participation in public events. The Office coordinates the tasks with the Negotiating Structure and other stakeholders relevant to the accession process. The part of the Chief Negotiator's Office that performs its duties in Brussels as part of the Mission of Montenegro to the European Union is mainly focused on the communication with EU institutions, principally with the European Commission and the Council, as well as with permanent representations of the Member States to the EU. The Office of the Chief Negotiator at Montenegro's Mission to the EU is a channel for the negotiating structure's communication (at the operational level of negotiators, heads and secretaries of the working groups for preparing negotiations on individual chapters) with the European Commission. It coordinates the two-way delivery of relevant materials and documents in the negotiation process between the negotiating structure and the EU.

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