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Radulović: Bigger penalties for environmental crime needed

Radulović: Bigger penalties for environmental crime needed

Negotiator for Chapter 27 and the State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development, Saša Radulović, said that Montenegro could boast penalties for eco-crime in order to raise public awareness.

When it comes to the question of protection of the River Tara, whether the river is endangered by the construction of the highway, Radulović stated that he is absolutely sure that this part of the construction works does not belong to the part of Tara that is under UNESCO protection. According to him, there was nothing unusual happening at that site.

Speaking about Sinjajevina mountain and the protests over the announcement of the construction of a military training ground, Radulović stated that a military training ground in Sinjajevina already existed, only earlier in accordance with ex-Yugoslavia National Army standards, and now in accordance with NATO standards.

“Is it a problem for some activists that it will be in accordance with NATO standards? Do we, as a collective security member, have certain obligations? Do our soldiers participating in various NATO missions need to go untrained?

These are the questions. It is important that every construction has a certain environmental impact, no one can ever dispute it. The human race is no longer living in caves. We live in a time when hybrid wars are being fought, I believe some are on the scene today and it is important that environmental impact assessment studies are carried out, that monitoring and prescribed measures are in place. In these cases, most of the hydroelectric power plants include stocking as one of the measures. So, in the case of construction in accordance with NATO standards, professionalism and highest standards will be absolutely respected”, Radulović explained.

According to Radulović, Government has protected the area of Ulcinj`s Solana. In the process of its protection, Government has the assistance of the German Embassy in Montenegro.

“We are trying to make good connections with other funds, credit institutions, and we need to provide 1.4 billion EUR of total environmental investment and I believe that tree planting is the best way to combat climate change”, Radulović concluded.

Source: RTCG Portal

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