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Institutional progress in fight against illicit tobacco trade

Montenegrin institutions have achieved great progress during the last five years in prevention and fight against smuggling and illicit tobacco trade and are fully committed to implementation of further reforms, it was heard during the visit of the European Commission’s (EC) expert mission.

The final meeting of the EC expert mission on the subject of prevention and fight against smuggling and illicit tobacco trade took place today. The goal of the expert mission, that paid visit to Montenegro, was to provide assessment of the situation in this field from the viewpoint of the negotiation chapter 24 - Justice, freedom and security, and 29 - Customs union, as well as to gain an insight into the progress achieved in comparison to the last expert mission that took place in 2014. Visits were organized to the Port Bar and the free trade zone, as well as to the New Tobacco Plant.


JCC meeting in Brussels: EC continues to monitor the country's progress in key areas

Montenegro is committed to meeting all the prerequisites for obtaining closing benchmarks in negotiating chapters 23 and 24, was stated at the meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee of the Civil Sector of the European Union and Montenegro and it was announced that the European Commission will continue to monitor the country's progress in key areas.

The JCC meeting, which was held today in Brussels, was chaired by Lidija Pavić-Rogošić and Pavle D. Radovanović. The delegation of Montenegro consisted of the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro, the Employers' Union, non-governmental organizations of CCE and CRNVO, Montenegro Business Alliance and the European Integration Office.