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Meet professor and doctor Nataša Popović

Meet professor and doctor Nataša Popović, professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro and family medicine doctor. We bring you her story personally.

„I am a professor of medical physiology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro and a family medicine doctor. I have always been dedicated to mentoring students and educating future medical professionals. A distinctive combination of knowledge and skills – from the field of molecular biology to family medicine – helped me to inspire students to study and work hard.

I am currently participating in the RECOGNISED research project, which united nine European countries in an effort to improve the quality of life of people living with diabetes. The project studies the use of a simple and completely painless eye examination in people with type 2 diabetes in order to identify those with an increased risk of developing dementia, which would allow such people to receive adequate help in a timely manner.

My journey into science and medicine is driven by the desire to understand how the human body works, to make people’s lives happier and better. In that process, I realized that the presence of women in science is particularly important. It allows us to look at a problem from several different angles and to find a solution sooner and more efficiently that will have a positive effect on the entire society. By choosing science as their future career, women not only realize their potential, but also contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of human society as a whole.


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