Naslovnica Chapter 22 – Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments

Chapter 22 – Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments

The European Union’s regional policy covers financial support to countries and regions for their implementation of projects whose objective is to strengthen economic, social, and territorial cohesion, with a special emphasis on: (1) increasing economic and social cohesion by reducing gaps between the EU regions; (2) increasing regional competitiveness with the view to ensuring the Union’s global competitiveness; and (3) European territorial cooperation aimed at promoting cooperation between EU regions.

This Chapter contains framework regulations that define rules for the preparation and granting of operational programmes whose implementation is funded from the European Structural and Investment funds, i.e. the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund and – for some countries – the Cohesion Fund, bearing in mind the territorial organisation of each country.

In 2007-2013, the EU Member States had access to around 338.8 million EUR from these three funds. These funds will become available to Montenegro following accession.

Chapter 22 - Working Group

Ivana Glišević


Ivana Vujošević

Head of the WG

Bojan Vujović

Secretary of the WG

The working group was formed in July 2012. The negotiator for this chapter is Ivana Glišević Đurović, Deputy Chief Negotiator – National IPA Coordinator in the Office for European Integration. The head of the working group is Ivana Vujošević, advisor to the chief negotiator in the Office for European Integration. The contact person for the working group is Bojan Vujović from the Office for European Integration.

The working group consists of 22 members (17 from state institutions and 5 from the civil sector).

The aim of European legislation in this area is to define uniform and fair conditions for the use of European Structural and Investment Funds in EU countries and regions for the purpose of balanced social and economic development of the region.