Naslovnica Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance IPA I IPA Component V: Rural Development

IPA Component V: Rural Development

IPA Component V offers support to candidate countries in the area of agriculture and rural development, with the view to preparing them for the administration of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP). By receiving candidate status in 2010, Montenegro qualified for using Component V funds. In addition to receiving candidate status, notable preconditions for using these funds are the adoption of strategic and programme documents, as well as meeting the criteria for receiving accreditation for indirect management system.

An operational structure comprised of the Management Body and the Agency for Payments (IPARD Agency), management and control system (the National Fund) have been established. Additionally, a key document necessary for using the funds from this component is the IPARD Programme, which is being drafted currently and whose adoption is expected in 2015.

It is planned that Montenegro will be operationally ready to start using the IPA Component V funds in early 2016.


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