Naslovnica ENG Accession Negotiations Chief Negotiator's opening word

Chief Negotiator’s opening word

Dear reader,

Membership of the European Union is one of Montenegro’s top strategic interests.

In almost three years since launching the accession negotiations we have undertaken comprehensive social reform and made great progress on our European path. We have opened sixteen negotiating chapters and we are working hard on meeting the preconditions needed to open the remaining ones. In the years to come we will maintain a high quality of meeting our European tasks in order to secure our place in the European Union.

Accession negotiations are the most demanding phase of the EU integration process, which brings about change of the entire system in line with EU standards and values. This is a long road of transforming the entire society and ensuring preconditions for the better quality of life of our citizens, which is the very essence of European integration and our final objective.

In order to be successful in accession negotiations, in addition to knowledge and expertise of the negotiating structures, it is necessary to inform the public in a timely and comprehensive manner on all the key aspects of the negotiating process.

With this in mind, our webpage will aim to present clear, easily comprehensible, and accessible information to all its users.

Our aim is to provide, with a high degree of transparency, an insight into Montenegro’s EU accession negotiations to all the parties interested in the process, at the same time paying due attention to the rules and procedures of the negotiating process.

With respect,

Aleksandar Andrija Pejović

Chief Negotiator


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