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Knowing your own history is important for European perspective of country

Culture and the arts play an important role in the development of every modern society, and European funds assistance is of great importance for the preservation and promotion of Montenegro`s cultural heritage in international contexts, it was stated during the second day of the celebration of the European Day of Cooperation in Cetinje.

This year`s European Cooperation Day is marked by a visit by students Primary School of “Đoko Prelević” and Primary School “Oktoih” and representatives of the Branch Office in Dajbabe who went to the King Nikola Museum in Cetinje and Lipska Cave.

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The Chief Negotiator`s adviser, Ivana Vujošević, told the children that cooperating is a good way to solve problems and difficult tasks.

“For example, through one of these collaborations, we restored the Lipska Cave, so now we can enjoy its beauties, as well as our guests from other countries. Some other partnerships have led us to have an adventure park at Orjen, which I hope you will have the opportunity to visit, and then when you are already at Orjen you can also visit Herceg Novi and see results of cooperation at Kanli Fortress. When you put virtual glasses on and walk through the fortress, you can see what it used to look like in past” Vujošević added.

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The mayor of Cetinje, Aleksandar Kašćelan, welcomed the children, stating that they were pleased to have come to visit the Capital – the historical and cultural center of Montenegro. “I wish you a pleasant stay in Cetinje, our capital. I want you to have a nice time and enjoy the architecture of a city almost six centuries old”, Kašćelan said.

He told the children that they must know their own history, because it is important for the European perspective of the country and our future in the European Union.

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State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Sandra Đurbuzović, emphasised that culture and art are a valuable tool in the knowledge of the modern world more than ever, but also a spacious ground for intellectual play, creativity and overall growth and development through the process of learning and creation.

“The role of culture in modern societies is at the heart of development strategies, so our cultural policies are focused on strengthening and enhancing artistic and creative capacities, as well as preserving and promoting our cultural heritage internationally. Assistance from European funds in these efforts is of great importance and we are very grateful to our European partners” Đurbuzović underlined. According to Đurbuzović, today`s economies are increasingly seeing that creative solutions are the basic technology of the future, so the role of culture and art is an indispensable precondition for overall prosperity and development.

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