Naslovnica Negotiating chapters Chapter 03 – Right of establishment and freedom to provide services Chapter 3 – Right of establishment and freedom to provide services

Chapter 3 – Right of establishment and freedom to provide services

Aligning with the EU acquis in this chapter means adjusting the market to the conditions required for overall economic development, as well as for the recognition of our citizens’ education qualifications in all EU countries.

This chapter encompasses three areas: establishment of a business, professional qualifications, and postal services.

Right of establishment is the right for Montenegrin business entities to establish a business and work in a stable and continuous way in one or more EU Member States.

Mutual recognition of professional qualifications is a part of the single market service provision platform which requires the establishment of a system for automatic recognition of diplomas for regulated professions (medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, architects, pharmacists, nurses, and midwifes) acquired in any Member State.

Establishment of the single market for postal services and ensuring their quality is also the aim of this chapter.


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