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Gorčević in Tirana: The government will use the Growth Plan to achieve long-term growth and development of the Montenegrin economy

“The Government of Montenegro is determined to use the Growth Plan instrument to achieve long-term growth and development of the Montenegrin economy. In this direction, we have identified and formulated reform measures related to the business environment and private sector development, digital and energy/green transition and human capital development. Additionaly, priorities are reforms within the first cluster, particularly reforms in the rule of law, of crucial importance for the implementation of the Reform Agenda”, said Minister of European Affairs Maida Gorčević.

In anticipation of the Regional Leaders’ Summit on the Growth and Convergence Plan, which will be held at the end of February in Tirana, she attended in an informal meeting of the ministers of European affairs of the Western Balkan countries dedicated to the Roadmap and real actions related to the Growth Plan.

The Minister reminded that, as a result of intensive work and consultations with the EC, the Government of Montenegro adopted the draft Reform Agenda during the first week of December 2023, which contains main benchmarks in 4 policy areas and 22 sub-areas.
She said that the objective of the Reform Agenda is the implementation of benchmarks related to the development of the business environment, facilitating access to finance for companies, as well as the implementation of benchmarks related to the progress of the regulatory environment and strengthening the competitiveness of the business sector.

“The Government of Montenegro aims to constantly provide a set of financial and non-financial support mechanisms for the further development of the private sector, thereby improving the competitiveness of the economy. ” Setting up conditions for smoother business operations of small and medium-sized enterprises and building an appealing business environment affect their competitiveness, which additionally contributes to the long-term growth and development of the Montenegrin economy,” the minister pointed out.

She said that, with the aim of improving financial support to the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, the introduction of a new financial instrument in the form of the Credit-Guarantee Fund is planned, as well as that in order to develop the overall competitiveness of the business sector, the Government of Montenegro is committed to facilitating the administrative and regulatory burden for companies, through the amendment of the legislation and the involvement of both competent institutions and business associations.

The Minister concluded that the funds from the Growth Plan will be valuable, but not sufficient to achieve convergence with the EU market, and that it is important that all other available EU support instruments, such as IPA and the Western Balkan Investment Framework (WIF) must remain active and strengthened as would help the economies of the Western Balkan countries to approach the level of the EU common market.

The ministers of European affairs of the countries of the Western Balkans agreed that the Growth Plan represents a key platform for accelerating integration into the EU single market and overall reforms in the EU accession process. At the meeting, interlocutors exchanged opinions on joint growth actions, coordinated policies and joint initiatives aimed at ensuring success in the implementation of the Growth Pan and the entire EU accession process.


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