Stabilisation and Association Process

  • Stabilisation and Association Process – SAP - The Stabilisation and Association Process (SAP) is the European Union's policy towards the Western Balkans, established with the aim of eventual EU membership. Western Balkan countries are involved in a progressive partnership with a view of stabilising the region and establishing a free-trade area. The SAP sets out common political… Read more
  • Thessaloniki Agenda - By adopting the Declaration, all of the countries also adopted the document entitled The Thessaloniki agenda for the Western Balkans: Moving towards European Integration, and committed to its implementation. This programme foresees the introduction of a whole series of new instruments and forms of co-operation between the EU and the… Read more
  • SAP’s main features - Equal conditions for all – All SAP countries must meet the same conditions if they want to approach the EU, and these are stable democratic institutions, the rule of law, respect and protection of human rights, respect and protection of minority rights, regional co-operation and building market economy. In addition,… Read more
  • Stabilisation and Association Process history - During the 1990s, the European Union has sought for an appropriate long-term foreign policy strategy for developing political, economic, and institutional relations with South-Eastern European countries.In May 1999, the European Commission proposed the adoption of a long-term foreign policy for the countries of the region that at the time had… Read more