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The French EU presidency is an opportunity for Montenegro to affirm its European path and improve its results

“The French presidency of the Council of the EU is a countless opportunity for Montenegro to affirm its European path and improve its results in the European integration process, particularly in the rule of law and the fight against corruption, but also a number of other important sectoral policies, including sustainable development, green agenda and youth.” agreed the Chief negotiator, Zorka Kordic, and the French ambassador, Christian Timonius.

At today’s meeting, Ambassador Timonije presented the priorities of the French presidency of the EU, stressing that the administration of that country is committed to realizing the obligation of President Macron to make the European perspective of the Western Balkans as clear as possible.

“During the six-month presidency of the EU Council, France will strive to provide the Western Balkans with a stronger European perspective, through a series of events that will show the visibility of its presence in the region and Montenegro,” said Ambassador Timonije.

He presented the planned activities that include a noteworthy number of events, including high-level conferences, cooperation with the Assembly, civil society and youth, academia, as well as local communities and citizens, emphasizing the significance of support and close cooperation with the Office for European Integration in realization of those activities.

The Chief negotiator Kordić thanked the Ambassador for the support and strong presence of France in Montenegro, confirming that the Office for European Integration is open to all forms of cooperation and organization of joint events during the presidency.

She emphasized the significance of the established systemic cooperation between the Office for European Integration and the General Secretariat for European Affairs of the French Republic, within which, during November last year, two employees of the Office interned in that renowned institution, which will become a regular annual practice.

Both sides expressed satisfaction with the established cooperation between the two institutions, which will contribute to getting familiar with the French system and the application of certain useful methods in the Montenegrin system, and expressed readiness to continue such successful projects in the coming period.



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