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The innovated Accession Program provides a clear strategic direction for negotiations with the EU

“Montenegro’s innovated program of accession to the European Union is a clear strategic landmark of the EU accession process and is a result of joint work of all our departments, which are making maximum efforts to meet existing and plan new obligations under this umbrella document of the European integration process. The fact that in a short period of time the Commission for European Integration analyzed and distributed almost 7,000 regulations of the new acquis with the corresponding teams speaks of commitment and renewed enthusiasm towards meeting concrete final criteria in all negotiating chapters, “said the Chieef negotiator Zorka Kordic on the third session of the Commission for European Integration, which was held today.

The session discussed the first version of the Innovated Program of Montenegro’s accession to the European Union 2022-2023, as well as its compliance with the medium-term and annual work program of the Government, and the Action Plan for addressing recommendations from the EC Report for 2021.

Kordić congratulated the members of the Commission on the high quality of the document that was achieved in a very short time and on the proactivity in resolving the issue of competence for the application of individual celexes. She emphasized the significance of the fact that the new PPCG, in addition to the strategic and legislative part, will also contain the administrative framework, ie planning the strengthening of administrative capacities and infrastructure, which will follow the principles of the Public Administration Reform Strategy and budget adoption dynamics.

When it comes to translating the acquis, it was underlined that the list of coordinators for professional editing and holders of professional editing, ministries and competent institutions, as well as the list of professional editors in charge of certain areas of the acquis has been updated.



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