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Mrdak: Accepting the new methodology reflects readiness to develop our society

Montenegro welcomed 2020 with growing tensions, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The country is in an election year as well, however, the opposition announced boycott of the upcoming elections scheduled for August. In the meantime, Montenegro announced its intention to accept the new EU enlargement methodology which was adopted in...


Montenegro's progress is visible in the areas of transport, energy, environment and regional development

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Montenegro has made progress in several areas, it was assessed at the 13th meeting of the Sub-Committee on transport, energy, environment, climate change and regional policy between Montenegro and the European Commission. At the Sub-Committee meeting, which was organized online for the first time, representatives of Montenegro...


A part of EU-donated medical equipment arrives to Montenegro

Montenegro has received a new shipment of medical equipment donated by the EU under the 3 million euro support package, and procured by the UNDP. The shipment consists of 14 medical ventilators and a contingent of personal protective equipment for health professionals (80,000 gloves, 50,560 surgical masks and 10,200 protective...


Montenegro has accepted the new methodology, good platform for intensifying the reforms

The Government of Montenegro has accepted the proposed EU accession methodology that will serve as a good platform for intensifying the reform processes, said Deputy Chief Negotiator Marko Mrdak. On Thursday (14 May), the Government adopted the information on the new EU accession methodology confirming Montenegro’s acceptance of the new negotiation...


Eleventh issue of Newsletter of the European Integration Office

Eleventh issue of Newsletter of the European Integration Office brings an overview of the most important activities implemented in the first quarter of this year in the EU accession process.


New methodology is message of encouragement for Montenegro, in 2020 we continue to open and close chapters

Montenegro expects to open Chapter 8 - Competition and close two chapters this year, with continued implementation of planned commitments, said Deputy Chief Negotiator Marko Mrdak. He assessed that the proposed new methodology, while not technically applicable to Montenegro, was a political message of encouragement and impetus for the negotiation...